LanMark Wholesale, a Division of LanMark Alternatives, LLC

Our story started in 2010, when three friends in Bradenton, Florida took their lives back from Big Tobacco. After more years smoking than we are willing to admit to here, we found a new BFF called an electronic cigarette. Something this amazing just has to be shared, so that’s what we did. As we got more and more into the various styles and models of ecigs, the good and bad of the different manufacturing houses in China, and the general unknown of unregulated products; we took on a mission to help our friends, families and community enjoy this new technology without fear of additives and contaminants.

In the past six years, the ecig industry has experience huge support from smokers around the world and extreme pressure from many fronts. Big tobacco and big pharmaceutical companies used whatever means necessary to keep us from consistently chipping away at their bottom line. Their huge pockets and well established presence on The Hill motivated States and Federal agencies to impose crushing taxes and unrealistic regulations on this fledging industry with total disregard of the everyday smoker simply trying to get their health and life back.

If you believe, like we do, that this electronic cigarette industry is simply too important to let fall into the hands of Big Tobacco or be regulated out of existent by Big Pharmaceutical, then let’s join together to spread the word. LanMark Wholesale is here to help the new and independent vape shop and site owners offer better products for their customers at better margins for their business.

To qualify as a Member, simply register to open an account with us online and ensure that your initial order only meets the minimum purchase amount (less tax, discounts and credits) of $400. After your initial purchase, there are no minimum quantities or purchase amounts to meet. Why an initial minimum purchase amount? We do this for you! It is our assurance to you, that as shop and site owners, you don’t have to worry that your potential customers can also buy at wholesale prices.

But more important than thoroughly-tested great products at great prices, is our commitment to YOU, our Member. Add our experience, industry knowledge and great client service to your own to your own great business today. Together we can do it.

Happy vaping from the team at and Cher, Barb & Sandy.